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Hosted Voice Over IP

Communicate seamlessly

Integrate all of your business communications with state of the art features, without any specialized hardware or hidden costs. You will never look at a phone the same way again. And it all comes standard with every account, big or small.

Complete control of your availability

  • Advanced Call Forwarding can ring multiple phones when a single number is called, either one at a time or all at once.

Easy Outlook integration

  • Click-to-dial functionality means that you can call anyone in your address book directly from Microsoft Outlook with one click.

Unlimited extensions

  • Add as many new phones and extensions as you need, instantly.You can even create virtual extensions for remote employees, mailboxes, or anywhere.....

Caller ID for the 21st century

  • Forget the old name and number! When your phone rings, you can have a callers order history, payment status, open trouble tickets, and even a Google map.

Need more

Flexibility and savings for road warriors

Don't bother with calling cards. Use our Softphone to turn any computer with an internet connection into your office phone system. Make calls, receive calls, and check your voicemail, just as if you were still dialing from the office, at the same price too.

Powerful voicemail

Have your voicemail delivered to any e-mail account, and listen to messages right from your inbox

Scalable, customizable service

Move, add, or make changes to your system as often as you like, on your terms. Changes are made almost instantly, whether it be over the phone or using our Account Management system online.

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